Grateful Daily Box
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Grateful Daily box makes giving gratitude simple and fun. This box includes two intriguing ways to practice gratitude quickly making gratitude a fun and easy daily habit.

The Grateful Daily Box contains:

  • 1 x A5 Gratitude Journal
  • 60 x Gratitude Cards
  • 1 x Gratitude Jar
  • 1 x Oh Happy Day Pencil
  • Instructions

Happy and Grateful Writing - Jot down your feelings of happiness and gratitude in your journal without restraint. There is a place to reflect on what you are happy and grateful right now and a space to journal about a positive future experience you would like to come to pass. 

The Gratitude Jar Practice - This practice is all about writing down at least one thing that we are happy and grateful for daily. Then at the end of the month, or when needed we take a look at all the amazing things we have experienced in the month.

Makes for a great present or an activity for you to do at home by yourself or with your kids!

Get Happy and Grateful Today!

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