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Change your thoughts and be inspired each day with thesgorgeous focus words. 

These home words are used as a point of reference to change the way we feel when we look at them. They are anchoring words that help to shift us to a positive mindset when we look at them in our home. Don't just be awed by their beauty, use it as a tool to re frame the way you feel in any moment. 

How do they work?

Choose a word that sings out to you. Display in your home and think about what that word means to you and how you feel when you read it. Now, every time your eye catches this word, focus on pivoting your thoughts to this positive feeling. 

Choose from Love, Courage, Believe, Trust, Let Go, Breathe and Grateful

Another great way to put into practice some deliberate positive thinking whilst making a great feature in your house.

We love positive thinking! Help your house to do the same.