Oh Happy Kids Bonus Pack

Oh Happy Kids Bonus Pack
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This positive kids pack includes our best selling positive affirmation cards, Oh Happy Kids Cards + Oh Happy Kids Stickers + your very own download of our Oh Happy ABC's print. Keep your kids excitement high with these habit changing positive tools for you to use in your home or classroom.  
Oh Happy Kids Stickers are all 24 Kids Cards put into an A4 sheet of stickers! Help your child to feel calm, positive and confident as they select these positive statements for their day. Instead of just picking a card and leaving it at home, now they can take the affirmation with them to school on a sticker! 

Plus you receive our Oh Happy Alphabet, which born out of me wanting to help my children understand positive language early, I wanted a simple + easy way for kids to get to learn new positive words in their vocabulary + ignite positive conversations. 

All of this is included when you purchase Oh Happy Kids Cards. Yes that is right, you receive  Positive Affirmations are included to keep your thoughts fresh + to create a positive daily or weekly habit as you change out the cards and repeat the sayings.  

These stickers are limited edition so they are very limited stock!
For this week only this entire Oh Happy Kids BONUS Pack is just $19!
Start your child's year with a positive bang!
Once this week passes, the Oh Happy Kids Pack regular price will be $38.

Limited Packs available.