Wholehearted Teacher Pack

Wholehearted Teacher Pack
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This inspired Teacher Pack includes 3 of our most popular products!

Oh Happy Kids Cards
24 colour positive affirmation cards designed specifically for kids! Meet PudPud our resident cat who helps kids think positively.

These affirmation cards inspire qualities and skills in kids such as Confidence, Resilience, Courage, Independence, Initiative +Positivity. Box includes stand

Grateful Daily Jar + Oh Happy Kids Cards
Create a daily positive habit with this Gratitude Jar + Cards. Write down what you are happy + grateful for each day and pop in the jar. Read at the end of the
month or when having a tough day. Great for kids as a daily mindfulness habit.
Includes 60 x Gratitude Cards + 1 Jar + Pen

Oh Happy ABCs (Print Only... does not include frame)

Want to inspire your kids with positive words? Why not start with the Alphabet. Replace A for Apple with A for Affirmation, B for Believe and C for Courage as you introduce the most positive alphabet to inspire your kids + yourself!
Generate thought provoking questions as your kids ask you the meanings of these words of inspiration.