Oh Happy Love Box

Oh Happy Love Box
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The Oh Happy Love Box is the perfect box to work on your relationship. Work on your mindset with the One Plus One Journal, get to know each other better with the question cards, leave notes of affirmation with the Oh Happy Love notes and write everything with your beautiful rose gold pen! 

Great as a gift to your partner or for yourself. 

One Plus One Journal

Start to take control of your Relationships with our One. Plus One. Workbook.

Whether you are looking to create a positive relationship with your partner, your family or your workmates, relationships can be difficult when you don't have the tools to manage yourself and your emotions.

This workbook is all about emotional intelligence for relationships. Meaning the more you understand you and your partner, the more you can create the relationship you want. Learn how to take control of your emotions, build your confidence and communicate effectively. This workbook is eye opening and will help you in more ways that you can imagine!

You will learn how to master your relationship by:

  • Learning how to create a positive relationship
  • Understand your love languages and your partner's
  • Understand and work with your partner's personality style
  • Learn how to set boundaries and stick to them
  • Learn how to express how you feel and be understood
  • And MORE!


Oh Happy Date Cards

Looking to spice up your date nights? Whether you are just getting together or you have known each other for a long time, these Oh Happy Date Cards gives you the gift of time! Find out so much more about each other as you answer these insightful and sometimes funny cards. Learn more about yourself and your partner.

Don’t have a date? Then get your girls around. This is just as fun with the ladies as it is with your partner. Whoever you get, change up your night and get Oh Happy Date cards!

Box includes 100 date cards. Leave them on your coffee table and pick them up instead of your remote!


Oh Happy Love Notes

We love love! 

These Oh Happy Love Notes will help you send thoughtful messages to your loved one as you choose from 70 pre written love notes.

Feel inspired to write your own? We have included 30 blank love note cards for you to add your flare to your love note. 

All are family and kid friendly. 

Notes include:

  • I'm my best self when I'm with you
  • You rock my world
  • I love you to the moon and back
  • Home is where you are
  • Can I have this dance

and 65 more inspirational and loving sayings! + 30 blank cards

Oh Happy Pen
This beautiful rose gold pen will be the perfect companion to your journal process. Not only does it look and feel great, it writes lovely and the affirmation, Something good comes out of everything written on the pen serves as a constant reminder that in every situation there is good to see, helping keep your mindset positive.

All packages in a lovely gift box to give to yourself or a loved one! 

Insite Mind x