Prepare Your Mind - Mindset Kit for Kids

Prepare Your Mind - Mindset Kit for Kids
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School can cause lots of mixed emotions for our kids!

Excitement, stress, fear and anxiety are just some of the many emotions our young ones may experience. This Mindset Kit is designed to help your child cope with the many emotions they may feel as well as creating simple positive habits that will empower them to work through their emotions and will encourage positive qualities and skills in them such as confidence, resilience and courage.


Read 'The Big Happy Life':
Want a story to inspire your child along the journey of self development? Then look no further than Posie the Penguin, and her Big Happy Life. This rhyming children's story carries with it a message about finding happiness that is as relevant for the children reading it, as it is for the adults that may be reading it to children.

Read about Posie's exciting adventures with or too your child and help them understand the lesson that Posie learns-happiness can actually be found within ourselves. Always.

Use the OH HAPPY Pencils

Bring positivity to your child's writing when they use these beautiful HB affirmation pencils. These pencils serve as a reminder that words count and can be used as a prompt to say their positive affirmations to themselves. 


Oh Happy Kids Cards
These affirmation cards are designed specifically for kids! Meet Pud Pud our resident cat who helps kids think positively through these 24affirmations.

There are so many ways to use these cards including displaying them in your home, classroom, playroom or beside your child's bed. They are eye catching and will intrigue both children and adults! Have your child pick a new card for the day or week or have them read out how they would like to feel. Invent a game or use as an activity to help them think differently. Pack comes with instructions on how to use and ideas of how to engage your child with the cards.

Oh Happy ABC's
Want to inspire your kids with positive words? Why not start with the Alphabet.
This Beautiful Oh Happy Alphabet is an A4 print, ready for you to frame and hang in your home.
Replace 'A for Apple' with 'A for Affirmation' and 'C for Carrot' with 'C for Courage' as you introduce the most positive alphabet to inspire your kids +yourself!
Generate thought provoking questions as your kids ask you the meanings of these words of inspiration.  (NOTE: this is not a framed image, this A4 print comes ready to frame.)

All packages in a lovely gift box to give to your child. 

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