The Ultimate Workbook + Journal Pack: Positive Mindset Books

The Ultimate Workbook + Journal Pack: Positive Mindset Books
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The Ultimate Mindset Journal Kit includes:

  • Mindset Reset
  • The ART of Positive Thinking
  • Move Your Mood

Mindset Reset

This Positive Mindset journal helps you to reset your mindset, improving your productivity and focus, increasing your self-awareness and helps you change unhealthy habits. 

This beautiful workbook will make you want to use it!

With 130 pages, this A5 journal and workbook includes lessons, exercises, reflections and free journalling space for you to find get the mindset reset you are looking for. 

This workbook define your path and your goals

  • Define want you want and create your goals
  • Get to know the real you
  • Unlock the path to your positive self
  • Visualise a successful you
  • Learn the way to challenge those unhelpful thoughts
  • Manage negative thinking
  • Change your environment to help you become successful in any area
  • Master the techniques of visualisation - projecting yourself into the future
  • And so much more!

... and so much more!

Start working on your mindset today! Let's get started!


The ART of Positive Thinking

The ART of Positive Thinking helps to create a positive mindset by helping you to change your unhelpful thoughts and beliefs. Understand your thinking patterns and learn to:
  • Create a positive future
  • Learn positive self talk
  • Create your funk buster list
  • Take back control of your mindset
  • Know the successful you
  • 7 Day positivity Challenge

Plus space for your inspired thoughts and journal writing. 

Get positive today and start changing the way you think for good!


Move Your Mood

Move Your Mood is the emotional bible. It helps you to understand your emotions, to manage them and to express them in a positive way! 
  • Understand the emotion scale
  • Learn self awareness techniques
  • Learn self management techniques
  • Move your mood from anywhere
  • Learn how to feel emotions without them taking over
  • Control Emotional hijackings
  • Create your 30 day plan
  • Space for your inspired thoughts and journal writing

This journal is the go to if you want to become emotionally intelligent. Learn how to become calm and centered no matter what environment you are in. 

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