Mindset Reset Workbook Certification Course

Mindset Reset Workbook Certification Course
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Transform the Lives of Your Clients with the Power of a Positive Mindset

This is for you if you want to transform the Lives of Your Clients or Community with the Power of a Positive Mindset. The Mindset Reset video masterclass is a certification program designed to train, equip, and prepare you to teach others the power of the Mindset Reset workbook.

The certification program will include videos and other materials that provide everything needed to help your clients reset their mindset, build self-awareness, and transform negative thoughts and habits into positive, healthy ones.

The certification program provides you with actionable techniques and teaching strategies to help others immediately:

✓ Manage negative thoughts

✓ Discover themselves

✓ Set & achieve life-changing goals

✓ Visualise and realise success

The 7 Mindset Reset Modules include:

1. Have a Goal
Learn the science of goal setting as you work through a 360 life review and help your clients set Big Picture to Long and Short Term Goals.

2. Know Your Why
Without understanding Why, we don’t understand our drive. Take a deep dive into why we do the things we do and discover how to switch on internal motivation.

3. Take Responsibility
Power in life comes from stepping up and taking ownership for our life. Learn the powerful lesson of above and below the line to help navigate your client to take responsibility.

4. Clean Up Your Thinking
What gets in the way of achieving our goals? Our thoughts! Learn the habitual patterns of thoughts that send us spiraling and how to pivot on these and turn a negative into a positive.

5. Your Focus
Learn to harness your focus as a tool to elevate your life. Focus only on the aspects of life you can change and learn how to grow your circle of influence.

6. The Positive You
Become your own best friend. Learn how focusing on the positive aspects of ourselves can change the way we view ourselves and see us achieving the goals we thought we wouldn’t take on.

7. Visualizing Success
Mental Imagery is a powerful tool in achieving goals. Learn the techniques of this practice to bring your goals into life.

To help you teach these modules, you will be provided with:
✓ The Mindset Reset live video course recording presented by myself (watching someone teach, helps you learn to teach it)

✓ 7 Mindset Reset modules workbook

✓ Teaching exercises

✓ Course presentations & templates

✓ Structured activities, lesson plans, curriculum, printables (all the time-consuming stuff)

✓ Membership to the private coaching group

Bonus 1: Earn a Certificate of Completion

Bonus 2: A Mindset Reset Workbook and Journal for you ($40 value)

Bonus 3: Special Discounted Beta Price
Bonus 4: Wholesale pricing on your client Mindset Reset Journal & Workbook orders (sell at retail and make extra $).