My Little Journal

My Little Journal
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This is the school study planner that is perfect for your teenager who is looking to get organised for the school year. 

Journal includes:

  • School study planner
  • Daily task
  • Planning for fun
  • Motivational quotes
  • Term Planner
  • Space to reflect and create

This planner is simple and easy to follow with 52 weeks ready to take them through the year! My Little Journal helps your child keep everything organised for the school year including study, social life and extracurricular activities allowing your child to plan for a healthy balance between them, all whilst keeping a positive mindset. It also includes motivation, inspiration and fun activities to take your child's mind off school and the stress that can come with it! 

When using this planner your child will gain a sense of clarity, positivity and focus in 2018 making next year their best year yet.

My Little Journal is designed by Cassie Ryan our in house teenage specialist who is currently going into her final year of school. Cassie knows first hand what it's like to balance her school work with study, work life and home life whilst keeping a positive mindset.

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