Let’s be honest…

If life had no limitations how would you live it?

Are you currently working towards your goals or someone else’s?

Are there things that you want in your life but you just aren’t working towards them?

We all know we want a change but we rarely go about doing what we need to do in order to achieve those changes…

There are many things that hold us back… We don’t know what we want and even if we do we often don’t believe that it could happen to us or perhaps the road would be too long and hard.

Well… that is what we are here for.

We help you make a change, guiding you along the way to ensure you have your goals right, you have the belief and confidence you need and you understand your EMOTIONS! (which are your life guidance system, btw)

So it is not just about discovering more about yourself, but actually taking the steps to create the change the you need.

You see, we believe that you have everything that you need within you. Everything.

It is not us that gives it to you, we just facilitate the process. We know, that once you start to experience the change in yourself from applying pure positive thought, achievable actions and processes that your life will be changed for the better for ever.


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After a few weeks of working with Ali, I’m finally restoring balance to all areas of my life and finding empowerment rather than succumbing to anxiety, limiting self beliefs and a negative attitude. Through INSITE Mind, I now have the knowledge, belief and power to achieve everything I want in life.
Jenna, Marketing Manager
Since I started this program I haven’t stopped learning and being amazed by just how our brain works, it really is mind blowing… I know that with Insite by my side I will become the more confident and the truly happy me I deserve to be.
Sam, Fleet Controller
Thank you so much Alisa Illich! I have learnt so much from you. You are setting me on a happier path. I have made a lot of the changes you have suggested. I have found it has had an immediate benefit to myself. How did you know to hit the nail on its head with such small changes.
Jo, artist and mother
Individually the majority of participants have achieved their written goals, privately and professionally. Collectively, we as a group have achieved a 33% increase in sales growth in Victoria and 27% in Tasmania for the financial year…following the first session with your course.
Siddons Proline, Member
I can 100% confirm that your audio program and your time with me has changed my life and for the better! I am starting my career as a Real Estate Agent after being in the industry for 7 years and beginning it with clear achievable goals I have already seen amazing results. Waking up on our most important day of the week, Saturday and saying “No matter what, something GOOD comes out of everything. Something FANTASTIC is going to happen to me today!” and sure enough I sold a property at the first home open. This has continued to happen throughout the weeks and the results are phenomenal.
Josie Alderton, Abel McGrath Property Group
Your presentation was exciting, fun and full of practical ideas to improve ourselves professionally and personally. The feedback has been unanimous in its praise with many rating it as the best they have ever experienced. With the level of optimism and team morale that was created, I’m confident this year will be an “ABSOLUTELY INDESTRUCTIBLE” year for us.
Paul Atkinson Manager, AMP
I have found your program so amazing, yet simple and powerful that it has changed my work life, my social life, my love life and my attitude towards this wonderful world we live in. Thank you.
From the moment your course began everything just resonated with me! Throughout the day I just kept saying “thank you” and being grateful to whatever has led me here today. I am so excited about the next step! THANK YOU!!
Kim Roach, Student
Thank you for helping me understand the magic of SELF-IMAGE. I finally found the missing puzzle and most salient piece in my life. I am certain that your unique program will help others to uncover for themselves this beautiful science of unleashing their true self and awakening their dormant potential.
Suan Kho, Entrepreneur
I just wanted to say Thank You all your help with the 12 Week Mind Overhaul Program. I admire your passion in helping people to improve themselves. The program was great!! From the audio to weekly phone calls it all had its purpose and came together through the 12 weeks. I feel more empowered now when faced with life’s adventures. I wish you both the best and continued success as you reach out to others and help them with their goals in life.
Dr Eric Brukwinski, Chiropractor

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