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5 Ways to Combat Zero Motivation

5 Ways to Combat Zero Motivation

5 Ways to Combat ZERO Motivation

What do you do on the days you have ZERO motivation?

You would love to stay in bed, cancel every appointment, listen to audios or watch some trashy tv. For the entire week! Well I know that is exactly how I would want to spend my day.

Yes, even teaching people on positive thinking, I too suffer from those days. However, the difference is I have the tools to bust my way out of this funk as it arises.

I know for me this is a sign of withdrawing. This is me going into my child state to deal with the thoughts and anxieties of the previous days that I must not have dealt with. The resultant feelings and unresolved thoughts and energies have created enough momentum that it has left me in a zombie like state reluctant to get up and face the day…. I know if I stay in this state… it will get worse, I will move down the emotional scale, so I need to do something about it.

So here is my practice.

Meditate – I put on a guided meditation and this always makes me feel instantly more alive and ready to take on the day. The relaxation and visualization engages my imagination, instantly relaxes me and I remember what I am here for! I use Abraham Hicks and Mindmaxplus. Access our Simply Positive Box if you would like to get started. 

Move my body – get out of bed and go and do a workout. Yup. Even when I am SO not wanting to, I make sure I move my body. Instead of doing my normal 28-minute routine, I go a little gentler but still get the body moving. So here is what I do:

20 x squats

20 x pushups

20 x sit ups

The blood starts to flow and I instantly feel the cortisol (stress hormone) start to retract from my body as the endorphins start to release.

Move up the emotional scale – first I identify where I am on the emotional scale. Then I get deliberate about my thinking and make sure I am moving up the emotional scale and heading in the right direction towards love/joy and appreciation. However, I know I need to take it slow with my thinking. If I just straight to thoughts or affirmations that I do not resonate with at this moment, I may feel disconnected from the practice and give it away before I feel the great effects.

Example, I find myself on the scale at Boredom and make sure I am heading in the right direction (and literally to the right) up the scale. My goal is to always make it to positive expectation so I make sure I chose my thoughts and start heading in the right direction. 

Here’s an example of what I say to myself:

  • I am appreciative of the mood I woke up in because now I can share with the world how I get out of it (never done that before) and start to inspire others
  • I know if I start the day it is going to end really well
  • I am moving closer and closer to my dreams
  • Life is always working out for me
  • Something good always comes out of everything
  • Something fantastic is going to happen to me today
  • I can just feel that there is something great waiting for me around the corner

If you want to know more about how to deal with emotions and move up the scale, check out Move Your Mood. Our Oh Happy Day Cards will also help you with your daily practice of affirmations. 

Read your goals – now that you are in the state of positive expectation or are at least up to feeling hopeful, read your goals. Get yourself aligned with what moving through the day is moving you towards. If this starts to make you feel a little deflated as your self-talk starts to move towards being disappointed that you haven’t achieved your goals yet, then stop! Don’t follow those thoughts. We will always have goals that we haven’t reached yet – ALWAYS. Biggest bit of advice… we will NEVER BE DONE. There is always something that you want that you do not have yet. And this is a good thing. Otherwise we would be dead. This is the state of expansion, this is growth. If we do not want for more, we become “content” and look where that is on the emotional scale. Yes, it is positive but we rob ourselves out of the juicier emotions and we don’t allow for passion, joy and appreciation.

Check out our Clear Vision Box to help you formulate your goals!

So, be grateful about where you are in relation to your goals and keep the state of positive expectation by telling yourself (and making sure you believe it – if you don’t then work up to this) that your goals are coming. They are being realized, even if you cannot see them yet. Feel good now and this will allow you to be in the receptive mode, meaning that the collective components needed to reach your goals can reach you. If you want more on writing your goals, check out our Get Focused Pack

Sleep – this is the last resort. If nothing else has worked to stop the negative momentum, then I sleep. Sleep is a pattern interrupt for your thoughts and gives you a break from your conscious thinking. However, it must be noted that if you are feeling ‘soul sick’ you may experience the same feelings when you awaken, so make sure that you set your intention when your head hits the pillow to wake feeling hopeful (or choose an emotion on the scale for your intention). Get deliberate in your thinking upon waking and discard any negative thoughts that may want to pop back in. Start the day with positive thoughts and catch that train rather than the train to despair.

So –the next time you wake with zero motivation, make sure you don’t wallow in it. Get clear on your own list or take what I do… just take some action towards feeling better and move up the emotional scale!

Sending Love

Alisa x 

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