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Whether you’re looking for a gift with meaning, to host a party with power, or to build your business and empower others in the process, Insite Mind will help you to grow and learn, to transform yourself into the best you can be.

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"I love these workbooks. They have turned my life around after 10 years of trying a variety of things and getting no where. Doing the work in these easy to use booklets have made a difference to both how i feel and all areas of my life. Once again I look forward to living life again. Thank you INSITE MIND."


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How to Be More Positive

How to Be More Positive

Imagine you are faced with something that scared you. Perhaps you had been asked to give a talk in front of people or to rock up to a party on your own. (eek!!)

It is easy for our imagination to run wild... imagining ourselves stuffing up, saying something silly, tripping over or wearing the completely wrong thing!

With this, we "What if" our way through life and imagine the very worst scenarios playing out in our mind. 

Instead of considering what good may come we often worry about the bad which may follow.

So how we do change this?

We use a tool called... Positive Expectation... this is when we expect good and favourable results.

Check out my latest video which shows you exactly how you can use positive expectation to help you take on life's challenges and live a more positive and inspired life. 
How to Practice Mindfulness

How to Practice Mindfulness

Ever driven to work and pulled up only to think, how the heck did I get here?Or finished a meal and wondered, where did that go?Maybe you’ve even r...
The Most Powerful Positive Tool

The Most Powerful Positive Tool

  Bigger, better (buttered!) brioche buns   Sounds like a advertisement for a bakery, right? Or some kind of absurd new season on Netflix. Brioche ...