How To Deal With Uncertainty

How To Deal With Uncertainty

I want to talk to you about a very unsettling feeling...


Not knowing how it is all going to happen. 

Not knowing if it is all going to be OK. 

You think you have it all worked out. You make your goals, you plan your life and then life throws you a curve ball. 

It isn't in your plan. You didn't expect it. 

You try and fight it, you think there is a better way it can happen and try with all your might to complain your way into making it something different to what it is. 

Truth is, you can't change the situation. 

It is what it is. 

You're afraid that if you accept the situation, you'll end up without a plan. 

This is where we need to trust in life. 

Trust that there is a bigger, better, ultimate way in which things will turn out OK. 

Even if we cannot work out HOW or see the clear path ahead. 

This is the true essence of "letting it go". To surrender to the event that is unfolding, to experience it, not fight it and to know you will be OK and trust that on the other side of it you will be better in some way because of it. 

My favourite affirmation in these times is... 

Something good comes out of everything.

It helps me to let go, to trust and to believe that life will be OK. 

It will work out in the end. It always has. 

To feel certain in the uncertainty is the only power we have (and a valuable tool to have in your case). 

I'd love to hear if this resonates with you! Comment below and share your story. 

Alisa x
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