Surviving the School Holidays

Surviving the School Holidays

As we approach the school holidays over here in the West, let’s take a moment to Stop. Breathe. And take on board some helpful hints below! 🤞⁠

TIP #1 Flexibility⁠

Be FLEXIBLE in your parenting style these holidays. ⁠

Like to keep the house clean?

Reality is having kids around all day doesn’t help! Relax the rules a little bit and let them be kids.

Let them play, then before bed, encourage them to clean up!

TIP #2 Down Time⁠

You don’t need to be out EVERY day. ⁠

You don’t need to plan a life changing experiences every day these holidays!

By the end of term kids (and parents) are exhausted so unwinding is OK. Arrange a play date or see a movie in the morning, but then come home and have some down time with a quiet afternoon.

Better yet, have a PJ day – everyone wins!

TIP #3 Make a Plan⁠

Let the KIDS decide.⁠

Entertaining more than one little person? Make a plan. Sit down altogether and let everyone choose something that they want to do these holidays.

Now we don’t mean let them pick the next family vacation.  Give them a list of activities and negotiate.

They will feel like they have some say in the adventure and you get to ‘control’ the fun! ⁠ ⁠

Happy Holidays!

Alisa x

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