The Perfect Morning Routine

The Perfect Morning Routine

I have a confession. I am not at all a winter person. 

I try.

I imagine the rain as a cleansing time and know how important it is for our water supply.

But I cannot help but wish for a sunny day! 

As I sit here and write this, it has constantly rained the entire day and has me reflecting on how I started my day.

This morning I hit the snooze button. 

And truth be known... I did yesterday too. 

As winter has truly set in, it is really easy to lose our all important morning mindset routines....

(That is if we have them at all!)

I mean, it's darker in the morning.  If it's like today, it's wet and rainy too.
So why shouldn't I hit the snooze button?!

One or two days of this might be a nice change, but if I continue down this path of giving into the darkness, I know I start to feel the effects of the winter blues as everything becomes a little harder to handle.

So I am making a commitment to recommit to my morning routine. 

My current morning routine is a combination of meditation, exercise and affirmations. 

But what is the perfect routine?

Well it really is what feels right to you.

The first thing to do is something not to do.

Don't reach for your mobile phone!

Leave this somewhere where you cannot reach it or if this is your alarm and you have the willpower... do not open any apps.  (yes, harder said than done!)

Once you have plied the phone out of your hand, I would select from the options below, making sure you spend fifteen minutes to focus on yourself and your energy before you leap into the day.

My list of recommended energy lifters are: (and of course there are more that I haven't listed)

Gratitude Practice

+ combining any of them together has even more of an impact. 

For example if I start my day with exercise, I am always conscious of how I am using my mind in these moments. 

Instead of idly letting my mind think (or worry) about the day ahead, I say some pretty simple affirmations like:

I am.... * insert powerful word like enough, strong, confident, fit, healthy etc

These affirmations when combined with movement become powerful tools called incantations and help to shift old stagnant energy out of your body! 

Or combine your breathing techniques with your meditation. Don't just listen to a guided meditation, be conscious of your belly breaths and count as you breathe in and out. 

Or if I am journaling, I often put in my gratitude's or write out my affirmations almost like a school kid doing lines. 

Whatever your morning routine is, it really doesn't matter. 

Just make sure you do it. 

It's like going to the gym. 

Its hard to get yourself there and started, but how good do you feel after you have done it?

Set yourself up right in the morning and give yourself a chance to have the best day.

I'd love to know your morning routine, hit reply and tell me yours! 

Alisa x

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