Teacher's Tool Kit

Teacher's Tool Kit
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Are you a coach or client or work with people on their mindset?

Want all the physical tools at your disposal to help yourself and your clients! This is a kit of our best selling Teachers Tools + Workbooks and will be delivered to your door. We love stationary and we love personal development so these tools are a match made in heaven!

You will be taught how to use these tools with you clients to help with their growth + development.

Enjoy in your home or office!

Teachers Kit Includes:

  • Get Focused Cards
  • Positivity Pack
  • Mindset Reset Workbook + Journal
  • The ART of Positive Thinking Workbook + Journal
  • Move Your Mood Workbook + Journal
  • Love Thy Self + Journal
  • Oh Happy Day Cards
  • Oh Happy Date Cards
  • Oh Happy Kids Card
  • The Emotional Scale
  • Grateful Daily Box
  • Simply Positive Box
  • Above + Below the Line
  • Oh Happy Alphabet
  • And more!

Join us in our interactive program to help you get the best use out of these tools. Use them to display in your home or office or to use with your clients in your sessions. 

Includes 4 Week Positive Mindset Program to help you work on yourself, to use the tools and maximise your toolkit use. 

Over $650 worth of value in one pack for $200 discount.