Want more? Join our 8 Week Mindset Reset

This highly sought after 8 Week program provides a springboard to propel you into your exciting journey of growth to better understand and expand your mind. This program rewires the mind and combines Cognitive Training with Relaxation Techniques and Creative Visualisation. You will access the deepest parts of the mind where our dominant bad habits and thoughts reside. This program has reached over 25,000 and is based on 30 years of research.

How You Will Benefit

  • Convert your negative mind chatter into a positive advocate
  • Gain self-confidence and overcome fear, worry & anxiety
  • Reprogram your mind to become a success mechanism
  • Create automatic positive thinking and permanent motivation
  • Eliminate stress & tension
  • Achieve & maintain your ideal weight
  • Enhance relationships – with partners, colleagues, family, friends
  • Have increased energy and vitality and improve sleeping habits
  • Be more productive and eliminate procrastination
  • Unlock the genius in you
  • Improve in any sporting activity

How do we deliver the course?

– 1 day educational workshop Including manual and supporting materials.

– 28 day audio program is yours for life. This is where the magic happens!

– Coaching to support and guide you through the 8 week journey, ensuring you stay on track and motivated. 

– Members have access to online meditation.

– Full access to our comprehensive E-Learning Platform ensures education and motivation for life.

Who is this for?

  • People who are serious about taking the next step to change thier life
  • People who are open to thinking differently
  • People who would like to learn in a small group environment

What People are Saying

"Thank you so much Alisa! I have learnt so much from you. You are setting me on a happier path. I have made a lot of the changes you have suggested. I have found it has had an immediate benefit to myself. How did you know to hit the nail on its head with such small changes." Jo, Artist and Mother.

"I have found your program so amazing, yet simple and powerful that it has changed my work life, my social life, my love life and my attitude towards this wonderful world we live in. Thank you." Tim, 

"From the moment your course began everything just resonated with me! Throughout the day I just kept saying “thank you” and being grateful to whatever has led me here today. I am so excited about the next step! THANK YOU!!" Kim Roach, Student

"Thank you for helping me understand the magic of SELF-IMAGE. I finally found the missing puzzle and most salient piece in my life. I am certain that your unique program will help others to uncover for themselves this beautiful science of unleashing their true self and awakening their dormant potential." Suan Kho, Entrepreneur

"After a few weeks of working with Ali, I’m finally restoring balance to all areas of my life and finding empowerment rather than succumbing to anxiety, limiting self beliefs and a negative attitude. Through INSITE Mind, I now have the knowledge, belief and power to achieve everything I want in life." Jenna, Marketing Manager and Mother

Upcoming Workshop

The next workshop is starting in early 2017. Register your interest by sending us an email at