The BIG Happy Life

The BIG Happy Life
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Want a story to inspire your child along the journey of self development?

We welcome Posie the Penguin, and her Big Happy Life to the Insite Mind Family. 

This rhyming children's story carries with it a message about finding happiness that is as relevant for the children reading it, as it is for the adults that may be reading it to children.

Posie the Penguin begins to feel that she is not contented with her life in Antarctica and decides that there must be more out there than ‘her life of black and white’.

She decides to sneak away from Antarctica and travels to the warmer climates of the world and serendipitously gains some profound insights along the way to learn exactly how to find true happiness. Posie learns that happiness is always where she is, was always where she was, and in fact that happiness always resides inside.

Often times we look outside ourselves for ways to find happiness but Posie’s profound insights throughout this story show us that happiness can actually be found within ourselves. Always.


Happiness is not about going with or without,

It’s about going within.

It’s about finding your true purpose,

And your journey to begin.

David Pettit, Alisa's husband, wrote this book whilst in Antarctica with 106 of Australia’s brightest business minds. These successful business people continue to change the world for the better, and understand the true value of living your life purpose. The book conveys the story of finding happiness and changing the world for the better in a style that no other children’s book achieves. It is full of insights and learning's that are meaningful and worth deep pondering for all readers.

We invite you to become part of the journey now and find happiness within. 

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