A Winter Solstice Reflection

A Winter Solstice Reflection

JUNE 14, 2021

A Winter Solstice Reflection

As we near the midpoint of our year marked by the winter solstice. I sit here cocooned in reflection as to where the last six months have gone. Is it just me, or have you too been surrounded by conversations about where the year has gone?

Pause and Take Stock

Perhaps you’ve caught yourself saying “How did it get to JUNE!?”. But rather than fret over the passing time, why not pause, and take stock of all that has happened in that time? Maybe you took a career leap, moved house, built a business, started or ended a relationship, had a child.

Believe you me, nothing reminds you just how precious time is than watching a child you’ve created growing older within your own lifespan. As I was once reminded by an elderly lady stopping me in the street to admire my baby girI when I commented on how fast she was growing to which this lovely soul replied “If you think time goes fast now, wait till you get to my age!” I was stunned to think that perhaps it just doesn't slow down.

A vision board is a tool used to help clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal or vision for your life.

- Alisa Pettit

Begin with Present Awareness

Alas we do not have a hand in slowing down the passage of time, but we can make damn sure we make the most of it. This begins with present awareness, and though it might sound paradoxical, reflection is all part of bringing awareness to your day to day. Think about it, most of us struggle to remember what we had for breakfast, yet we can recall those milestone memories. In this way time is relative and somewhat illusionary. But, what if we could recall our days as seamlessly as if they’d been scripted for a movie?

Journaling is a great way to practice memory recall on a daily basis, but there are many other ways to reflect than simple ‘dear diary’ entries. Take for instance the process of creating a vision board. Commonly this venture is embarked on at the turn of a new year, think of it as the new age method to building new years resolutions. But, vision boards are more than that, they can be a tool to support your abundance and gratitude practices. Unlike a forgotten new year's resolution, there is no guilt associated with an unmet vision. The universe works on its own time making room for human experiences to unfold. We are human after all, and perhaps something we had envisioned coming into our life six months ago may not be what’s needed anymore after something took an unexpected turn.

That’s why this mid-year reflection, though it may not be as ritualised, is equally important to building the goals in the first place. It allows us to see just how far we have come (you may be surprised how many things have come into your field upon reflection). Gratitude starts with reflection, and if I’ve learned anything it’s that abundance cannot be attained without gratitude. To be grateful with where we are now and to start to hone the vision for the rest of our time to come without attachment is present awareness.

Now is the perfect time to start imagining the end of the year (without wishing time away). This will give some good insight into what goals you would like to have for the rest of 2021. Still not quite sure where to begin? We have some tools to help.

Check out The Clear Vision Box - The Vision Board Kit to help create an inspiring vision for the next half of the year, and if you’re seeking more clarity when building goals our Mindset Reset Journal is the tool for you.

Alisa x

Written by Alisa Pettit

It’s never too late for a lane change. Insite Mind is the brainchild of one woman who after a decade spinning in the hamster wheel of the accounting world gave it up to live out her heart work. But it didn’t come without challenge and a little nudge from the universe in the form of a book Dealing with Difficult People. Upon opening it Alisa was surprised to find in black and white text “maybe it’s you”. So after several ego deaths and many personal development books along the way Alisa Pettit found her way to coaching. Now a fully fledged positive mindset coach and personal mastery guru Ali’s work helps people find their way through mindset teachings.

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